Real Estate

Developing Sustainable Communities

Each development is thoughtfully designed with the community's shared values, needs and preferred lifestyle in mind.

We conduct a wide range of project planning and management activities related to the acquisition entitlement, development and sale of single-family and mixed use communities. We are primarily focused on development of first and second move-up housing, the largest segments of the new home construction market. We secure entitlements for these communities by delivering thoughtful plans and balanced solutions that meet the needs of the communities where we operate. When the investment meets our return criteria, we initiate the development process. Our experienced team manages through the complex course of community design and infrastructure construction, ensuring that the development incorporates our commitment to innovation and green solutions, stakeholder interests are addressed and that budgets and schedules are met. We subsequently sell residential lots to quality homebuilders or commercial tracts to strong regional and local developers, ensuring our partners embrace the community's standards.

By aligning development with a community's needs, we create thoughtful environments for family, work and recreation. This smart approach to community and mixed-use development planning, coupled with keen foresight earned over decades of experience, delivers sustainable value benefiting our shareholders, customers and community residents.